Access update query not updating

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I've called mine cbo Office (note the propellerhead naming convention again).Next we have to tell the combo box where to get its list. If you used a table or query to make your list (I used tables) leave Row Source Type set to Table/Query.Auto Expand is either really useful or profoundly irritating depending on what's in your list, so you can turn it off if you want.I haven't bothered to set a Default Value, because I want the user to have the option of leaving the entry blank.Don't choose a table or query for the form's data - this is going to be an "unbound" form, one that isn't linked to a data source.The Form Design window opens containing a blank form.The title "Enter Parameter Value" is guaranteed to frighten the life out of a new user!

If you chose to type out your list instead, change the Row Source Type to Value List then, in Row Source, type the items you want to see in your list, separated by semicolons (;). "Birmingham"; "London"; "Manchester"; "New York"; "Paris" The are several more properties that you can change if you wish.If the toolbox hasn't appeared switch it on by clicking the Toolbox button on the toolbar or by choosing View Toolbox. But first, I need something that Access can use to build the lists.If you have ever used the wizard to create a combo box you will know that I have several choices. A typed list would be easiest but fiddly to change later. Their data won't change often, but when it does it will be easy to update them.Click the Combo Box button on the toolbox then click on the form about 1 cm down and 2 cm in from the left.Access creates an unbound combo box on the form, and a text label to go with it. You can press the [Delete] key on your keyboard to delete the label, or click the label a second time to insert your cursor and edit the text to something meaningful.

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