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Other popular features include detailed day/night forecasts, local forecast summaries, forecast previews for the next 3-5 days, and the ability to set live tiles to multiple locations so forecasts automatically update on the Start screen.The app provides unique features such as the patented Accu Weather Minute Cast®, the only global, minute-by-minute forecast which provides 120 minutes of precipitation information for users' exact street addresses or GPS locations, and Accu Weather's proprietary Real Feel Temperature®, a precise representation of how temperatures actually feel to people outdoors.For tablet and mobile device users, tap the "Location" drop-down menu and select the "Use Current Location" option.If your device doesn't have location detection capabilities, enter the city name or ZIP code in the Location text entry field.The process varies between services, but the goal is to configure the location to get a relevant forecast.In addition to its website, Accu Weather also offers a customized Web browser, Web browser toolbar, third-party site weather widget and email forecast to bring you the day's forecast and current conditions. Click on the "Location" entry field, type your city name or ZIP code and click the "Go" or "Magnifying Glass" icon, if you are using a computer -- either the desktop and laptop.

Go to the Accu "Create a Current Weather Widget" in a computer Web browser (see Resources).

But after a time the widget would probably crash or something (not visible though), and other widgets stopped too.

So the best solution for me was: This happened to me quite time ago.

Agree to the "Terms and Conditions" and click "Grab the Code" to generate the module. Launch your favorite HTML editing program or text editor such as Notepad, and open the HTML page in which you want to display the widget.

Locate the module or page code in which you want to install the widget, and press "Ctrl-V" to paste the code.

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