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Here are a few phone numbers.’Rodney and I cried for hours. Autism can present an insurmountable strain on a marriage.

I gave them an ultimatum: Get on board with RJ’s treatment or go.

When we have an existing relationship and it’s mutual, it’s easier to not only have a sense of that rhythm but to also not feel away or jump to negative conclusions if a swift or immediate reply doesn’t happen.

We won’t be keeping score nor will we feel away if we pick up the phone or message first despite having done it the last time.

We can even feel injured after checking up on a person’s online activity and seeing that they pinned or liked something X amount of minutes after we texted and yet we still haven’t got a reply.

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Even still, something as obvious as getting an eye exam for the kids got by me.

She called the following day to say that she was worried that I’d been murdered… Is it worth whipping ourselves up into a frenzy of anxiety about all of the potential things that are wrong with us or that person, that may be influencing the speed of their reply?

It’s tricky to have hard and fast rules about when we think that others should reply.

I was ready to fight for RJ, but Rodney lagged behind. It was harder for him to fathom that something was wrong with his firstborn son and his namesake.

His twin sister Ryan is never shy to step in for him. And little Roman is just trying to roll with the big kids.

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