Dating after loss

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I honored the love I had with Nick the best way I could, and it was beautiful in a way, but that day will have a lasting impact on me, and the thought of ever having to do something like that again terrifies me.I didn’t really put a lot of thought into that fear before because I was quite convinced I was never going to love someone again.I have wanted to write a lot lately, but I have been very focused on my schooling and the development of FMR.I am so excited about this adventure and I have the best fucking team in the world. There are some other things that have come up in the last week that have set me back that I will eventually share.

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I remember just before I had Nick’s face tattooed on my shoulder my Mom sat down with me and asked me if I had thought about what might happen if I met someone in the future.It is so hard to explain what I am living right now, but it is a life that just happened unexpectedly and some days I forget this is me. There will always be a bit of sadness with every moment of joy.There will always be survivors guilt with every memory I make, but deep down I know that this is exactly how the Universe planned it, and I have been very consistent with only doing what my gut tells me to do, and right now; this is my life, and I love it.Grief is an emotion which has no boundaries or set of rules, allow yourself the time to grieve and heal and when it feels right and only when it feels right you can let someone new in.Guilt can be overriding when dating or feeling romantic love for a widow or widower.

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