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Colors are satisfactorily robust, capturing basic colors -- the red Pokdex, Pikachu yellow, shades of natural greenery, Misty's orange hair -- with ease and pleasing richness and accuracy. The image does maintain its broadcast-native 4x3 aspect ratio, placing vertical "black bars" on either side of the 1.78:1 display.

Overall, the image is certainly watchable, despite some flaws, but fans hoping for a Blu-ray revelation won't find it here.

Still, the image enjoys a modest boost in overall sharpness of presentation and definition of subjects on the screen.

It doesn't rise substantially over what one might find in an SD source (no DVD copies are included) and the image is limited a bit by the somewhat antiquated source material, but fans looking for a major boost won't find it here.

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The show's dated sound design adequately conveys basics, but does so with little fanfare, vitality, major stretch, separation, or clarity. Pikachu's electric attack isn't a complete sonic fizzle, but neither is it a zipping, zapping, hair-raising listening experience.Pokmon falls somewhere in the middle, leaning a bit more closely to the "down" side of the spectrum.While it's certainly more stable and technically firm than the disastrous Sailor Moon releases, it doesn't come anywhere close to matching the output of the studio's finest. Clarity of animation and detail at a typical HD level are never superb, but basic textural qualities and clean, well defined material is more the norm.Pikachu is gravely wounded, gradually recovers, and the two finally begin to bond.As their story develops, their bond deepens, and their adventures unfold, they find themselves new friends, like Misty and Brock, and new enemies, like the villainous Team Rocket.

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