Denise vasi dating history

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Curruthers further relayed that Angie would not at first know that Jesse is alive.

"We’re going to play that out for a couple of weeks.

It was later confirmed, however, that Jesse did not die in 1988 after all and that Williams would be resuming the role.

To start the storyline where Jesse is brought back, the writers thought up a plot where characters Greenlee Smythe and Quentin contract a weird woods-related disease that triggers asphyxiation.

Angie first appeared in 1982, as the daughter of a well-to-do Pine Valley couple.

Shortly after Angie's first appearance on the show, they were paired with one another.

ABC consulted with Agnes Nixon (who is now retired) on how to resurrect Jesse, since he was shot to death in 1988: "We saw Angie sobbing on his chest, but I think the audience is invested enough in them as a couple that they will embrace our solution," Carruthers stated.And they found themselves sort of chasing their tails trying to figure out how to fix it...They came up with the idea, 'Well, why not bring this core couple back that had such an appeal to such a broad audience?"It just amazes me that here we are in 2008 and we have so little representation on daytime.I don’t understand it and I think it’s shameful." Williams detailed that the lack of diversity is one of the reasons they were approached to return to the series: "I think All My Children kind of shot themselves in the foot by allowing the canvas to become so nondiversified.

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