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Since 2000 ICQ and AIM users are able to add each other to their contact list without the need for any external clients.

Users could register an account and would be assigned a number, like a phone number, for others to be able to contact them (users could also provide handles).There was a reason why the hired men listened to her."Will do," Sally said, squaring her shoulders and heading back for the house.# Sally's mother ran the ranch from a small bookkeeping room on the first floor, just as she had when her husband had been alive.She still called the study 'Daddy's office' though her husband had been dead more than ten years. When Sally let herself into the house, her mother pushed open the door to the bookkeeping room."There's a boy waiting for you in your daddy's office.""Thanks."Sally stood her full height and headed down the short hallway. "Dante Brown.""What were you doing by my paddock, Dante Brown?The founding company of ICQ, Mirabilis, was established in June 1996 by five Israelis: Yair Goldfinger, Sefi Vigiser, Amnon Amir, Arik Vardi, and Arik's father Yossi Vardi.They recognized that many people were accessing the internet through non-UNIX operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, and those users were unfamiliar with established chat technologies, e.g. The technology Mirabilis developed for ICQ was distributed free of charge.

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