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Alternative: Genres: Adult Ecchi Romance Seinen Slice Of Life Smut Author(s): Katsu Aki Summary: An excellent and very educational series.

About a newlywed couple who are virgins and their comedic ups and downs in learning how to have sex.

Moriyasu pertenece al equipo medico, pero tiene un problema con hospitales.

Al Hermoso Nobuaki-sensei le gusta jugarle bromas a Moriyasu cuando lo ve, ¿Porque Nobuaki sospecha que el problema de Moriyasu tiene solucion...

Then one day, before the first lunar calendar month, another mysterious beauty appears.

Her name is Rushia, and as she leans in as if she is going to kiss him, she tells him about a mysterious power hidden inside him called "Snake Eyes"...

Alternative: セフレの品格―プライド― , Sefure no Bride , Sefure no Pride , Sex Friend no Bride , Sex Friend no Pride Genres: Josei Mature Romance Slice of life Smut Author(s): Minato Yoriko Summary: Choko starts to have a friends with benefit relationship with her High School crush Kazuki.

She is now 36 years old, twice divorced and has a teenager daughter who she raises on her own. it's hard to explain, he knows how to instruct on "the right path" girls who strayed from it.

Alternative: 蜜-月~乙女オジさん(52もうすぐ53)と私(19)の甘く悩ましい日々~ , Mitsu-Tsuki ~Otome Ojisan (52 mousugu 53) to Watashi(19) no Umaku Nayamashi Hibi Genres: Josei Romance Smut Author(s): Oku Megumi Summary: This story is the continuation of "Nioi" the one-shot and the compiled volume, "Mitsu-Koi." Mikari (age 19) and Kaga-san (age 52 almost 53) have been dating for 7 months. One day Mikari suddenly asks Kaga-san, "Let's live together?

Midori is inspired by Tsukasa and continues to play soccer in hopes that they would meet again someday.

When they do meet again Tsukasa does something unforgivable.

" Kaga-san replies, "Now is not the time." Alternative: Genres: Adult Drama Fantasy Mature Romance Smut Webtoon Yaoi Author(s): Ink-mix Studio Summary: Taavi is a hybrid slave that lives in a society divided by political and racial aspects.

Living among the winged and being a victim of prejudice because of his impure blood, Taavi finds himself involved in a circle of conquest and defeat that fate reserved for him since the day he was born.

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