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But some scholars 1 think that specimens of Old Kan.

The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland; 2.

A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or the South Indian Family of Languages by R.

Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society, Bangalore.

SUBJECT Preface An Abstract of the Thesis Chief Abbreviations, etc.

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(London) Uni varsity Librarian a-tid Part-time Professw of Philology, Maharaja 's College, Mysore PUBLISHED BY THE ONIVEBSITY OF MYSORE MYSORE A Grammar of the Oldest Kanarese Inscriptions, including a Study of the Sanskrit and Prakrit Loan Words. m UNIVERSITY OF MYSORE STUDIES IN DRAVIDIAN PHILOLOGY No 1. I take this opportunity to express rny sincere gratitude to Professor R. He has been kind enough not only to go through the whole of this thesis, but also to help me constantly with his most valuable and enlightening criticisms and suggestions for improve- ment. A GRAMMAR OF THE OLDEST KANARESE INSCRIPTIONS BY A. The fact that it is published as the first volume of the series " Studies in Dravidian Philology " is due to the kindness and active sympathy of Dr. 301.) He says the Characters are of 9th o V 10th century. VII, 212.) Kielhorn says the date is irregular, and it is spurious.

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