Kitab i aqdas online dating

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Select URLs and Electronic Sources : al-khayr (`The Foundational Basis for Every Goodness') or "The Source of all Good"). Hajj : Tablets for the performance of the Pilgrimage Rituals).

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S-Ziyara = The Translations, Compilations of Shoghi Effensi Rabbani (1896-1957). In the tablet called Ishraqat (q.v.), a verse of the Aqdas is stated to have been revealed "upon Our arrival in the Prison City" (TB 128, dar awwal-i vurud-i-sijn), which would imply a date perhaps as early as 1868.In another tablet, Bahá'u'lláh states that after completing the Aqdas, he kept it back for some years before releasing a copy (AVK ).First, much of the content deals with other matters--notably ethical exhortations and addresses to various individuals, groups, and places. Third, the Aqdas contains religious law in the Islamic sense.Much attention is given to matters that might not be considered law at all, such as obligatory prayer and fasting, while other topics, such as contract law, central to secular legal systems, are not mentioned at all.

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