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Relationships are something you can't make happen, whether you're ready or not - it will happen, when it does just go with the flow. More and more people are going to Tinder and e Harmony to find love. Then I think of the silences and avoidances and neurotic needs and am glad to be single. I tried to join POF one day while also feeling very lonely. I had the same issue I do whenever I have to write a personal statement or bio about myself for a CV, application form the hell do you put?I just go blank, no idea how people manage it To be fair, I think feeling envious is a normal emotion to have.My loneliness was so sudden and extreme that I immediately went home and joined an online dating agency. You think you want the same things other people have.

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I've been single for about a year now and for the last 2 months living on my own in my flat by the sea. I was laying on the beach reading when I suddenly became aware of my 'singleness', with all the happy couples kissing and walking hand in hand.

As a result, every time some internet personality creates a dummy profile and writes up their experiences with it, well-meaning friends often think of me and link me.

Last week, it was that Cracked article (written by a woman but geared towards a male audience).

I wouldn't say that's your BPD at all, a lot of singleton non's I know are envious of people in relationships.

They want to feel loved and love in return, when in actual fact they're happy on their own and don't see a future with anyone at that point in time.

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